Fallcrest Beginnings

Monday 9/12
Monday 9/05

After the extended rest, the group ventured into the cave. Ashlen was on the necromantic trail and Fable went inside for a stealth kill. They met a couple gray wolves and some grasping zombies that no doubt added to the necromantic aroma. A door in the back of the cave opened up to the old Minotaur temple.

Once inside they were attacked by 2 goblin cutthroats, a hex hurler and a guard drake that was locked up in a room. The basins inside the drake’s room were filled with clean water that restored a spent healing surge upon drinking.

Monday 8/29

The group picked up from last week in the basement of Trip’s pawn shop. Broken crates and empty shelving filled the room and in the corner lay a small withered cot which served as Ostran’s home. A successful stealth check lead the party upstairs to the bottom floor and catch the goblins in a surprise round. After annihilating a hobgoblin battle guard and 3 goblin cutthroats, one at which Ashlen defeated by throwing a book as a ranged attack, they heard a pounding at the front door. The Deathless Watch came to the shop on a tip that the burglars were still there. The group barricaded the door and made their way up stairs. An arcana check revealed that Crukul’s box was not in the floorboard hiding place but several magical items were. Just then, the Deathless Watch smashed through the barricaded door and started to make their way upstairs while a 4th goblin popped out from behind some clutter with a little box in his arms and jumped out the window towards a bright light down the street. Right when the party was going to pursue, the Watch appeared up stairs and grabbed Ostran as they thought he could be the thief. Ostran begged for the party to run after the item and he would fend off the Watch. Morgran wanted to stay and fight to keep Ostran out of prison but the Deathless Watch were much too strong and the party was forced to flee. (A 2d12+13 battle axe is nothing to take lightly) The bright light the goblin ran towards turned out to be a portal. The group ran into it as the last thing they saw behind them was Ostran being taken by the Deathless Watch. The other end of the portal opened up back to the Vale in the woods near a set of caves. Before pursuing the goblin, the group decided to make an extended rest.

Monday 8/22

Crukul has learned that the pawn shop where he worked for all those years has been ransacked. He has some very important personal items hidden in the upstairs floorboards but he’s much too old to retrieve them himself and the few people he knows can’t make it out of the Shadowfell to return them to him. He calls the group to his quaint house and asks if they will be willing to travel to the city of Gloomwraught and retrieve his items for him. The odds are against them; Crukul is still a stranger, the Shadowfell is full of death and unknown dangers and once the portal he creates closes there’s no known way to get back. He did mention that an old associate of his will meet them and guide them to the pawn shops location.

The group took the challenge and entered the portal via a large mirror. Their reflections revealed weakness that the Shadowfell brings out of people and their armor and weapons were stained with the blood of the innocent. After stepping through they landed in a dark marsh just outside the city but Ashlen was nowhere to be found. They made their way through thick, muggy water and onto the shore where rotting dead bodies lay. The air was warm and fowl and they could hear the faint sound of screams.

At the edge of the marsh, they were met by a group of dwarfs who claimed the party had trespassed on “their great city” and must pay an enormous toll to pass. An insight check from Morgran revealed they were just a bunch of thugs and the group was forced to murder them. After the fight they approached the 50 foot tall city wall where they saw a halfling sitting on top. He was Crukul’s friend and called himself the helper, a name he got from working as a hired hand at the pawn shop taking inventory and cleaning up. On their way to the shop they learned that his real name was Ostran* and he used to be an adventurer like them.

Once they got to Trap’s pawn shop, a perception and stealth check revealed voices inside so they went around back and entered through the basement where Ostran used to live.

Shadow town

Monday 8/15

The party met each other at the Prancing Pony tavern and went to go visit Crukul* and his magic tent. The wizard appeared young and fit on the outside but they learned it was only a facade covering an old man with a long history in the Shadowfell. They fought a group of lizard folk in a swamp and learned that although the contents of the magic tent weren’t real, the bruises were. Crukul was very impressed by the groups effort.



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